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Nomadic Identitarianism

A virtual imaginary of the nomadic subject as described by Rosi Braidotti:

“Philosophical nomadism addresses in both a critical and creative manner the role of the former ‘centre’ in redefining power relations. Margins and centre shift and destabilize each other in parallel, albeit dissymmetrical, movements. I want to resist the identification of the centre as inertia and self-perpetuation and to the aporetic repetition of Sameness. The challenge is to destabilize dogmatic, hegemonic, exclusionary power structures at the very heart of the identity structures of the dominant subject through nomadic interventions.”

At the same time, the Identitarian Movement and other fascist groups across Europe spread fear of the so-called ‘Great Replacement’ – in which the white race of the so-called ‘Original Europeans’ is replaced and weakened by other ethnic groups.

The portraits in this series visualize the biggest fear of fascists, while celebrating global nomadism and diversity.

And when we look at them closely: don’t we already all look like this? After all, we all came from Africa…

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